Why platinum is a common metal used in fountain pens

31 Oct

Fountain pens have always had a charm of their own. They have a regal feel, and in this age of modern technology a fountain pen is viewed as a classic writing device. Even today for writing special messages or autographs people prefer fountain pens over ballpoint pens. Although ballpoint pens are durable, they lack the smoothness and precision offered by a fountain pen.

Fountain pens are made of different types of metal. Steel is a common metal used for making various parts of a fountain pen. However, exquisitely best fountain pens are often made of platinum parts. Platinum is indeed a precious metal but that is not the reason why it is used for making the best fountain pens in the world. Legendry pen manufacturers like Sheaffer make use of platinum for constructing various parts of their pens in order to make them sturdy and tarnish proof.

Different types of pens are made from different materials. The best fountain pens usually have barrels and caps made of luxurious resins or precious metals like gold and platinum. Over time and due to repeated usage, pens surfaces may become scratched. Fountain pens can also get damaged if you drop them on the floor. The finer pens, made with platinum for example, will wear best over time.

Different types of platinum pens are available in the market. Some are made from steel and then plated with platinum. They are less expensive than the ones made entirely from platinum. To get some details on classic pens and brands like Parker and Sheaffer, search online for best fountain pen brand made of Best Executive Pens. Platinum pens from Parker are quite in demand. They are not only strong but also very appealing to the eye.


Sheaffer Combines Style and Function

23 Oct

Since 1913, Sheaffer pens have been used by writers, students, business persons, and ordinary folks who need to make a note, jot down an idea, sign an important document or write a novel.  Over these 100 years, the look of Sheaffer pens and pencils has evolved in style from flawless Limited Editions to everyday pens without sacrificing any functionality.












Become familiar with the Sheaffer line and see for yourself  how Sheaffer’s style and function can take your ideas from your mind and make them a reality.

A hundred Years! Sheaffer pens

28 Sep

With the onset of the year 2013, Sheaffer pens have been celebrating a century of success. Who would have known 100 years back that a small factory in London would turn out to be a word famous brand. Sheaffer pens are one of the few brands that have managed to create a name and market of their own despite the monopoly of other brands.

Sheaffer pens are and always had been different from their competitors. And you would know that if you have used a Sheaffer at least for once. The pen is well known for its distinguished look. Sheaffer pens for men typically have a fat body and they are rightly tied with metallic strings at proper places so that they look just about well adorned.

The name Sheaffer was popular because of its inventor Mr. Walter Sheaffer who discovered the lever-filling technology for fountain pens. He started his factory in 1912, but his company was registered in 1913. Within a decade the Sheaffer fountain pens were quite popular and were able to capture a significant market share.

Sheaffer pens are now treated as a classic brand and people own them as a symbol of luxury writing material rather than as a casual-use pen. There is a special demand for limited edition Sheaffer pens and they sell like hotcakes.

While the Sheaffer pens are still celebrating their 100 years, it is probably the best chance to take advantage of their special editions and discount offers. So browse immediately for some exciting offers and exquisite designs for once they are sold out you wouldn’t be getting them again.

Your Real Work Begins with Ballpoint Pens

27 Aug

What product truly exemplifies efficiency, haste and affordability? Ballpoint pens! They have been used globally by individuals of all walks of life because they cleverly combine affordability with quality. So, buy ballpoint pens today!

A good employee must be efficient, precise and have a strong work ethic. Ballpoint pens make this possible because they are easily accessible to everyone!



Real work requires the proper materials, because without the required materials, good work is not possible.

It’s normal for one to pose the question, “how could a ballpoint pen actually enhance the quality of work?” Here are five profound reasons why everyone should stop the fuss, and simply go out, and buy ballpoint pens!

In the work place, snap judgments are typically made about characteristics such as preparedness. When an employee or executive always has a pen handy, they are perceived as prepared competent individuals. One’s perceived abilities in the work place determine quite a bit, including the promotions they are given, and the opportunities they are allotted. It also affects how they interact with fellow colleagues. In essence, these pens make a minor contribution to one’s overall success in the work place, as well as the status level they will ascend to in their profession.

Another fundamental reason why these pens are imperative is because memories fade in clarity and accuracy over time. Hence, when a note needs to be taken, it should be done promptly while the memory is still clear. With a handy pen, this can be done smoothly and easily.

Smooth writing affects penmanship, which can then affect how a message is perceived. In this world, it is absolutely critical to send clear messages, in an effort to prevent misunderstandings and to spread vital information. These pens allow for a firm grip and a smooth writing experience, allowing everyone to express themselves.

The fourth reason why everyone should own these pens is because they do not require sharpening. One can expect their pen to last a while, without the inconvenience of using or needing a pencil sharpener.

And finally, these pens are great for school. Parents who require school supplies for their kids should not have to dish out too much money in this economy. They should instead be able to buy items in bulk without breaking the bank. These pens are great for school because their smooth writing ability equates to learning and subsequently to good test scores!

Aurora Ipsilon Resin Fountain Pens

29 Jul

If you are looking for a classic fountain pen that is reasonably priced, you should consider the Aurora Ipsilon Resin Series.

aurora ipsilon resin fountain pen - red

This pen and many other fine writing instruments can be found at Best Executive Pens

Parker Pen Celebrates 125 Years!

10 May

This year marks the 125th anniversary of the Parker Pen Company.  Parker has long been a favorite of students, executives and anyone wanting a good pen.  From the old Parker 21 and 51 models to the elegant Parker sonnet and duofold to the workhorse Parker jotters, there was and is a pen for every taste and budget.

Which Parker pen is (or was) your favorite?  If you’ve lost touch with Parker or need to refresh your memory, you can see Parker Pens at Best Executive Pens!


Happy Holidays!

16 Nov

In less than a week, we will celebrate Thanksgiving.  This year, we have a lot to be thankful for:  family, friends, and of course our customers!  Those good people who make us possible.  Also, this year, we are grateful for having survived hurricane Sandy.  We were very fortunate, had no damage, and suffered through a few days without power.  Others in our home state of NJ were less fortunate.  We continue to pray for them.

This year, does it seem that the holidays started extra early?  Of course, it seems we ask that same question every year, but the other night we noticed Christmas ads on television.  So, in keeping with this early spirit raising, we are offering our 5% Holiday Discount!  It’s automatic.  You don’t have to do anything!  5% is automatically deducted from your order!  It’s our way of saying, “thank you and happy holidays!”