Vacation Experience

11 Sep

We took a planned one-week vacation last week.  What does that mean when you are an internet retailer?  Well, we took our modest inventory of pens and ink with us (we drove to our vacation destination).  We turned off all our Amazon listings except those that were covered by inventory.  We pared down our eBay listings.  So, what happened?

  1. An order from the previous week did not reach the customer as promised.  So, we had to reship from current inventory.  However, UPS did not send the proper paperwork with the order, so that needed to be taken care of, and it was, but we lost a day in delivery!
  2. We got an inquiry from a potential customer.  At her request, we added a product to our website and we got 2 orders!  Since this was a new product, we placed an order to our supplier.  We will fulfill the customers’ orders when we get our shipment from our supplier.

Now that we are home, and “back in business”, we have returned our Amazon inventory, added to eBay and made some changes to the website.  We are rolling again!

Please contact us if you have any ideas or suggestions for products.  You can reach us at


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