Customer Service Is Where Its At

29 Sep

We have made a conscious effort to provide the very best customer service we can.  With that commitment made, it now is up to us to provide that service!  Customer service is an interesting aspect of the work we do.  For example, we sold a pen on September 2nd, the customer received the pen on September 7th, and the customer emailed us with a complaint on September 28th.  The pen in question is a ballpoint pen.  The complaint was the pen had arrived with the wrong color ink and the wrong point size.  We immediately started a search through our wholesaler as to what happened, and we immediately went out and bought the proper refill.  If it turns out the wrong pen was sent, we will send out the correct refill, no questions asked and at no charge to the customer.  That’s great customer service!

But, realistically, how do you have a pen for 3 weeks and then notice and complain about the ink and the point?  There are many legitimate explanations.  We would feel better if we knew what the real explanation was, but that will have to wait for a time when we know the customer has what he wants; the customer got what he paid for.

Another area of customer service is the incomplete order.  This happens when a customer goes through the ordering process up to the point of submitting the order and then stops the process.  We get notified when this happens.  Our service begins when we email the customer to ask what happened?  Why didn’t they complete the order?  Our first concern is a problem with the site.  Is something preventing the site to accept orders through the final step?  The other concern centers on the customer needing more information to complete the order.  We have all begun the ordering process only to abandon it because we changed our mind, didn’t like the color, etc. etc.  About half the time we get a response to our email inquiry.  In one case, the potential customer told us they didn’t have sufficient credit available, but would order again when their credit card could accommodate the sale.  Obviously, we appreciated the candor of that customer.

Oh, got to run, I need to provide some really great customer service!


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