Fancy Mechanical Pencils

17 Nov

Whether you need office supplies for your workplace or your home office, fancy mechanical pencils can be a great buy.   Mechanical pencils are convenient and easy to use.  They are a great option for people who need erasable writing utensils that won’t smudge or make a mess.  Although many people now rely on computers to store their documents, pencils and pens are still a necessity.  For those times when you might need to erase something you draw or write, pencils simply can’t be beat.

Whether you use them for writing, drawing or marking up documents, fancy mechanical pencils can help you get your project done faster.   They don’t need to be sharpened, so you never have to interrupt your work to grab a sharpener.  They also have a thinner tip than regular pencils, which means that the results come out crystal clear and don’t smudge as easily.  Choosing between regular pencils and mechanical pencils might seem like a silly choice, but mechanical pencils can really reduce the time you spend working on a project, especially if you use pencils a lot.  For example, architects will always use mechanical pencils over regular pencils because they are simply easier to work with for long periods of time.


 Sheaffer 100 Glossy Plum w/ Nickel Plated Trim Pencil

Make that special occasion even more memorable with the new Sheaffer® 100. The 100 features a ballpoint and pencil that serve as a stunning companion set. The red or blue translucent enamel finishes sparkle like jewels on a desk or in a purse and feature brushed chrome caps with nickel plate trim. The timeless brushed chrome finish with nickel plate trim makes a powerful statement at school or on the job.

Sales Price: $16.00


 Cross Classic Century Lustrous Chrome Pencil

Classic Century Lustrous Chrome 0.7mm Pencil With Chrome Plated Appointments: Does form follow function? Or does function drive form? Whatever your point of view, Classic Century delivers. Its sleek profile and patented twist-action barrel sparked a design revolution. Generations later passionate fans remain loyal to the iconic silhouette, while trendsetters appreciate its authenticity. Cool comes full circle.

Sales Price: $35.00


 Pelikan Pura Blue/Silver Mechanical Pencil

For the pure joy of writing. Noble, modern yet timeless aluminum writing instruments 

Sales Price: $75.00


 Waterman Charleston Ebony Black w/Chrome Trim Mechanical Pencill

The waterman Charleston Collection expresses nostalgia for the past, awarenees of the present and a vision of the future.  Elegant and beautiful, its reassuringly retro style and modern technology make the Charleston a pen for today.

Sales Price: $120.00

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