A hundred Years! Sheaffer pens

28 Sep

With the onset of the year 2013, Sheaffer pens have been celebrating a century of success. Who would have known 100 years back that a small factory in London would turn out to be a word famous brand. Sheaffer pens are one of the few brands that have managed to create a name and market of their own despite the monopoly of other brands.

Sheaffer pens are and always had been different from their competitors. And you would know that if you have used a Sheaffer at least for once. The pen is well known for its distinguished look. Sheaffer pens for men typically have a fat body and they are rightly tied with metallic strings at proper places so that they look just about well adorned.

The name Sheaffer was popular because of its inventor Mr. Walter Sheaffer who discovered the lever-filling technology for fountain pens. He started his factory in 1912, but his company was registered in 1913. Within a decade the Sheaffer fountain pens were quite popular and were able to capture a significant market share.

Sheaffer pens are now treated as a classic brand and people own them as a symbol of luxury writing material rather than as a casual-use pen. There is a special demand for limited edition Sheaffer pens and they sell like hotcakes.

While the Sheaffer pens are still celebrating their 100 years, it is probably the best chance to take advantage of their special editions and discount offers. So browse immediately for some exciting offers and exquisite designs for once they are sold out you wouldn’t be getting them again.


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