Pilot-Namiki Pens

2 Sep

We’ve added Pilot and Namiki pens to our fine line of high quality pen products!

Check them out at Best Executive Pens.

By the way, how do they do that Pilot Vanishing Point thing?  It’s awesome!!


Best Fountain Pens

28 May

Yesterday, a potential customer called and said he wanted to ask some questions before purchasing a fountain pen.  He was especially interested in a specific pen selling at $190.  He wanted to know:  Was the pen reliable?  Could it be filled with a cartridge or did it need a bottle of ink for refilling?  Did the fine nib put down a line of ink similar to a roller ball pen?  Did the pen “bleed” a lot of ink?  Did we recommend the fine or medium nib?  He had some interesting questions, even some good questions.  But, the answers are really hard to come by as writing with a quality fountain pen is so much a matter of personal preference and how one actually uses the pen.

Our discussion started off by saying that how the writer used the pen would make a big difference in how the pen functioned.  For example, did the writer press hard on the pen, causing the nib to spread and thereby leave more ink behind?  Did the writer plan to use the pen frequently and for what type of writing?  We see a big difference in the pen needs of a college student taking class notes versus an executive signing memos and letters.

Moving on, we discussed cartridges versus bottled ink.  Again, the preference of the writer and how the pen would be used come into play.  Is the pen always with its owner?  If so, cartridges are more convenient.  If the pen is at a desk or same location all the time, then bottled ink is feasible.  We talked about using quality ink – ink with good color and low solids content as a better ink will generally flow more smoothly and lead to less clogging.

Then we moved on to nib size.  This was the hardest to explain as it is dependent on the writer’s hand as well as the actual size of the nib.  He wanted to have a fountain pen that would write a line similar to a fine roller ball point.  We never were able to definitively answer this one.  He had to try out a few different nib sizes to see what worked best for him.  It’s like ordering a steak cooked medium rare at 5 different restaurants.  We agreed that would yield 5 similar, but not identical, levels of rareness.

He then asked about other brands.  How might they fare against the brand our discussion had focused on?  We sell high quality, brand name pens, so that was easy.  We talked about all the brands on our web site.  Unfortunately, it came down to the user and his preferences.  That’s what is so great about fountain pens.  Over time it is a personal thing, just you and your fountain pen!  That’s what makes for the Best Fountain Pen

Fancy Mechanical Pencils

17 Nov

Whether you need office supplies for your workplace or your home office, fancy mechanical pencils can be a great buy.   Mechanical pencils are convenient and easy to use.  They are a great option for people who need erasable writing utensils that won’t smudge or make a mess.  Although many people now rely on computers to store their documents, pencils and pens are still a necessity.  For those times when you might need to erase something you draw or write, pencils simply can’t be beat.

Whether you use them for writing, drawing or marking up documents, fancy mechanical pencils can help you get your project done faster.   They don’t need to be sharpened, so you never have to interrupt your work to grab a sharpener.  They also have a thinner tip than regular pencils, which means that the results come out crystal clear and don’t smudge as easily.  Choosing between regular pencils and mechanical pencils might seem like a silly choice, but mechanical pencils can really reduce the time you spend working on a project, especially if you use pencils a lot.  For example, architects will always use mechanical pencils over regular pencils because they are simply easier to work with for long periods of time.


 Sheaffer 100 Glossy Plum w/ Nickel Plated Trim Pencil

Make that special occasion even more memorable with the new Sheaffer® 100. The 100 features a ballpoint and pencil that serve as a stunning companion set. The red or blue translucent enamel finishes sparkle like jewels on a desk or in a purse and feature brushed chrome caps with nickel plate trim. The timeless brushed chrome finish with nickel plate trim makes a powerful statement at school or on the job.

Sales Price: $16.00


 Cross Classic Century Lustrous Chrome Pencil

Classic Century Lustrous Chrome 0.7mm Pencil With Chrome Plated Appointments: Does form follow function? Or does function drive form? Whatever your point of view, Classic Century delivers. Its sleek profile and patented twist-action barrel sparked a design revolution. Generations later passionate fans remain loyal to the iconic silhouette, while trendsetters appreciate its authenticity. Cool comes full circle.

Sales Price: $35.00


 Pelikan Pura Blue/Silver Mechanical Pencil

For the pure joy of writing. Noble, modern yet timeless aluminum writing instruments 

Sales Price: $75.00


 Waterman Charleston Ebony Black w/Chrome Trim Mechanical Pencill

The waterman Charleston Collection expresses nostalgia for the past, awarenees of the present and a vision of the future.  Elegant and beautiful, its reassuringly retro style and modern technology make the Charleston a pen for today.

Sales Price: $120.00

Check out our selection HERE

Getting Ready for the Holidays

12 Nov

As those of you who follow this blog know, this will be our first Holiday retail season. We are hoping for some good things in spite of our being away for a whole week this month. Never again will we go away in the 4th quarter of the year!
We have done some things to increase traffic to the site and increase sales: 1) We have increased on ways to spend on click ads. We have been with Google Ad words all along, but have recently added Microsoft AdCenter for Bing and Yahoo search engines, and we’ve added Amaxzon Ads as well, and 2) we are changing our promotions to include a 5% holiday discount and we are now offering free shipping on all orders over $100! In addition to that, we are trying international shipping. We have been sending orders to Canada, now we have added western Europe.
Regardles of how these changes turn out, we want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and a truly wonderful, happy and safe Holiday Season!

Halloween Discount Sale

21 Oct

We have just started our Halloween Discount sale.  You can get 5% off the price of your order by simply typing in “save5” in the code box at the bottom of the checkout screen.  That’s an additional 5% from our many, many discounted items.  Visit Best Executive Pens today to take advantage of this offer.

Kenro Industries

13 Oct

We are now doing business with Kenro Industries located in Mineola, NY.  Kenro is a distributor for Sheaffer, Aurora, Montegrappa and other fine Italian pens.  When our former supplier of Sheaffer pens discontinued the line, we went out and searched for a replacement.  And, when we found Kenro, we hit a HOME RUN!

Kenro carries many, many more pens than our former distributor.  That’s a big plus!  Plus they carry the Italian brands which are new for us.

In addition to all that, there service is great!  May we find more distributors like Kenro.  We are looking forward to growing our business and theirs!

Customer Service Is Where Its At

29 Sep

We have made a conscious effort to provide the very best customer service we can.  With that commitment made, it now is up to us to provide that service!  Customer service is an interesting aspect of the work we do.  For example, we sold a pen on September 2nd, the customer received the pen on September 7th, and the customer emailed us with a complaint on September 28th.  The pen in question is a ballpoint pen.  The complaint was the pen had arrived with the wrong color ink and the wrong point size.  We immediately started a search through our wholesaler as to what happened, and we immediately went out and bought the proper refill.  If it turns out the wrong pen was sent, we will send out the correct refill, no questions asked and at no charge to the customer.  That’s great customer service!

But, realistically, how do you have a pen for 3 weeks and then notice and complain about the ink and the point?  There are many legitimate explanations.  We would feel better if we knew what the real explanation was, but that will have to wait for a time when we know the customer has what he wants; the customer got what he paid for.

Another area of customer service is the incomplete order.  This happens when a customer goes through the ordering process up to the point of submitting the order and then stops the process.  We get notified when this happens.  Our service begins when we email the customer to ask what happened?  Why didn’t they complete the order?  Our first concern is a problem with the site.  Is something preventing the site to accept orders through the final step?  The other concern centers on the customer needing more information to complete the order.  We have all begun the ordering process only to abandon it because we changed our mind, didn’t like the color, etc. etc.  About half the time we get a response to our email inquiry.  In one case, the potential customer told us they didn’t have sufficient credit available, but would order again when their credit card could accommodate the sale.  Obviously, we appreciated the candor of that customer.

Oh, got to run, I need to provide some really great customer service!