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Why platinum is a common metal used in fountain pens

31 Oct

Fountain pens have always had a charm of their own. They have a regal feel, and in this age of modern technology a fountain pen is viewed as a classic writing device. Even today for writing special messages or autographs people prefer fountain pens over ballpoint pens. Although ballpoint pens are durable, they lack the smoothness and precision offered by a fountain pen.

Fountain pens are made of different types of metal. Steel is a common metal used for making various parts of a fountain pen. However, exquisitely best fountain pens are often made of platinum parts. Platinum is indeed a precious metal but that is not the reason why it is used for making the best fountain pens in the world. Legendry pen manufacturers like Sheaffer make use of platinum for constructing various parts of their pens in order to make them sturdy and tarnish proof.

Different types of pens are made from different materials. The best fountain pens usually have barrels and caps made of luxurious resins or precious metals like gold and platinum. Over time and due to repeated usage, pens surfaces may become scratched. Fountain pens can also get damaged if you drop them on the floor. The finer pens, made with platinum for example, will wear best over time.

Different types of platinum pens are available in the market. Some are made from steel and then plated with platinum. They are less expensive than the ones made entirely from platinum. To get some details on classic pens and brands like Parker and Sheaffer, search online for best fountain pen brand made of Best Executive Pens. Platinum pens from Parker are quite in demand. They are not only strong but also very appealing to the eye.